MS Teams Integration:

Adding Inyore into your Teams Account to get update about communities.

Teams Integration

Steps to integrate:

Open Apps:

Go to Apps in your MS teams account.

Search Inyore App:

Click on the search box and search for Inyore App to get install it in your teams channel.

Click on Add to teams:

When you click on Inyore app then a popup will came out. Click on Add to a team button to link Inyore app with your teams channel.

Select your channel:

Select your channel in which you want to get notified about Inyore communities and post notifications.

Configure Inyore Connector:

After clicking set up a connector, It'll add Inyore connector in your selected channel. Now you've to configure a new connector to link it with Inyore. Just click on configure button and it'll show you a popup for setup.

Agreed terms and conditions:

Read and accept our privacy policy and terms & conditions of Inyore platform and click on agree checkbox and then save it. Congratulations! you did it.

Remove Inyore Connector:

If you need to remove connector from your teams. Open configured connectors and click on manange in InyoreInc app connector.

Delete it:

Click on remove button and it will unlink with your accout channel. Now you're no more able to get notifications from Inyore Platform.