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Mary Ellen Moylan, ‘First Great Balanchine Dancer,’ Is Dead at 95

The celebrated choreographer created roles for her. The critics hailed her. Yet her death a year ago went largely unnoticed in the . .

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Coney Island Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

New York’s charming old amusement park delivers the springtime joy we all need. . .

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Tiny Love Stories: ‘You’ll Understand Someday’

Modern Love in miniature, featuring reader-submitted stories of no more than 100 words. . .

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A Senate panel will vote on the nomination of Samantha Power to lead U.S.A.I.D.

Will Derek Chauvin take the stand?

The jury undoubtedly wants to hear from the former officer, but testifying poses risks for him: He could put jurors off or . .

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In their own words, ‘Derek Chauvin was justified.’

Counseling Is Not Only for Couples in Crisis

Therapy doesn’t always mean a relationship is at its breaking point. Many couples are seeking to address difficult issues before conflict arises. . .

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A Softball Pitcher Struck Out Every Batter? She Hadn’t Noticed.

Hope Trautwein of North Texas threw a perfect game that outdid all the others, striking out 21 in seven flawless innings. . .

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The White House issues its first-ever proclamation on Black maternal health.

The proclamation is part of a broader effort to address the vast racial disparities in pregnancy and childbirth-related deaths and complications in . .

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Barry Brodd, a former police officer and use of force expert, is called to the stand.

Tax cheats cost the U.S. $1 trillion per year, I.R.S chief says.

Charles Rettig, the I.R.S. commissioner, attributed the growing tax gap to the rise of the cryptocurrency and the abuse of pass-through provisions . .

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Iran Vows to Increase Uranium Enrichment After Attack on Nuclear Site

Iran also attacked an Israeli cargo ship at sea, raising tensions but causing little or no damage. . .

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The pandemic and the voting rights fight converge on the battleground state of Michigan.

How the Coronavirus Variants Are Spreading in New York City

New, searchable ZIP code-level data provides a close look at how contagious variants have kept New York’s case levels alarmingly high. . .

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The officer who fatally shot Daunte Wright just resigned, as did the chief of police.

In a letter sent to city officials on Tuesday, Officer Kim Potter said she was resigning immediately, her union said. . .

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What to Do About Killings by the Police

After the death of a second Black man, readers call for federal action and suggest ending most traffic stops. . .

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Here’s what we know so far about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and rare blood clots.

Art Institute of Chicago Names Its Next Board Chief

Denise Gardner, who will start in the post in November, is believed to be the country’s first Black woman to lead a . .

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Anti-Gay Bias Hindered Toronto Police as Serial Killer Roamed

An inquiry found that systemic discrimination within the Toronto police interfered with efforts to catch a serial killer who targeted gay men, . .

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A Ramadan Closer to Normal for 2021

Compared with last year, when mosques around the world were closed because of the coronavirus, this Holy Month has limits, but friends . .

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